About Us

There aren’t many jobs you can walk into without any training, so why should looking after kids be any different?

Practical knowledge to look after kids

As a mum of 3 kids (including twins), I have had my fair share of babysitters and AuPairs. Some were passionate and some were downright infuriating! But the commonality with all of them is that they were all basically childless teens to 20’s who for good reason, were missing the practical side of what it takes to look after multiple children in unexpected situations.

Setting expectations

Much of this, us parents learn on the job but Sittertrain was born out of a need to give these child carers a head start in managing the day to day care of kids with professionalism.

I just figured that if these carers had the tools and knowledge to know how to manage most situations with confidence, then parents, carers, and children would in safer, more confident and happier hands.

The Sittertrain Essentials courses 

 Whilst we can’t teach your au pair or babysitter the specific way you like your household to run, we can teach them the basics of child safety and put them in situations they are likely to face. What if you were in the bath with a 4-year-old and the 8-year-old shouts from downstairs “come quickly” What would you do?

Sitter Train is here to provide the key information every parent wants their babysitter, nanny or au pair to know through a fun, interactive and informative online course.


Practical knowledge with a certificate of completion

Sittertrain is the only practical course of its nature to teach the basics of everything from how to:

Recognize if a child is seriously ill and know what to do about it,

Setting expectations with children such as how to manage a child who doesn’t want to go to bed

Cross a road in the eyes of a child

How to recognize and manage a choking hazard

Managing screen time and household rules

We acknowledge the generous contribution of videos and fact sheets to produce the Sitter Train courses:

Our lessons are reviewed and endorsed by industry professionals

“I thought all the information was extremely relevant, very easy to understand and concise. It makes me so much more confident to look after children”

Terri Bright


“It takes a village to raise a child!” Au pairs, babysitters, teachers, parents and all caregivers, play a vital role in bringing up children so it is vital that everyone is trained and prepared for working with children”

Jo Aldridge


What a wonderful course! Thank you Sitter Train for helping us settle our au pair into life in our family. We weren’t sure if we could spend the time needed to invest in teaching yet another au pair what to do but you did it for us! All we had to do was show her our timetable and certain things we liked our way!

Vanessa F

Host mum

Thank you Sitertrain for such a practical fun course. I loved how you put me in real life situations looking after a few kids at a time and unexpected things happen especially in the quizzes. It really helped me prepare for what its actually like being an AuPair.