How it works

Why take a Sittertrain course?


  • A practical preparation for taking on the very responsible role of looking after children

  • This is in-home in home childcare course of it’s kind.

  • Families will expect you to have the skills and knowledge to keep kids safe and engaged under your care

  • Every paid job requires at least some training so why should the important job of looking after children be any different?

  • A great way to see if working with children is for you

  • Teaches basic life skills about looking after yourself and others

  • Stand out from the crowd as someone who is serious about the important job of looking children.

Our easy SIGN UP will give you instant access to our online courses by emailing you a user account to get started straight away.

  • The course will take you 4-6 hours to complete and you can log in and log off when it suits you.

  • There are 6 lessons with between 3-10 topics in each that will take you about 1 hour each to get through.

Gain confidence with a certificate in child safety training

We don’t just give you facts to memorize. Our courses give you real-life scenarios featuring these guys.


Understanding children

We help you understand children and show you appropriate ways to manage children’s behaviour

Then we take you through what you need to know to look after babies to pre-teens.

That means that our topic on bedtime will cover everything from SIDS and settling crying infants to how to manage older kids who just won’t go to bed when you need them to!

Having fun with kids

We show you practical ways to have fun with kids while keeping them safe indoors and out

First Aid

Our First Aid section covers everything from allergies, to bites and stings and most importantly how to recognise if a child is seriously ill and know what to do about it.

Setting expectations

We will go through some of the expectations from a family and how to manage yourself professionally if things are not going as planned.

We will show you step by step short instructional videos and picture sheets from reputable government and private sources

We acknowledge the generous contribution of videos and fact sheets to produce the Sitter Train courses:

Our lessons are reviewed and endorsed by industry professionals

We will even keep you slightly entertained

But remember, looking after children is serious business

So we will check what you have learnt at the end of each lesson with a short quiz of about 4-8 multiple choice questions. You must answer at least 80% of each quiz correctly to be able to move on to the next topic. If you score below 80% you will be directed to the beginning of the quiz to try again

And when you successfully pass the course, you will receive a certificate to show that you are confident and ready to look after children

I cannot send this email without thanking you and your team for making such an amazing course! To be sincere, I started taking it because I thought a certificate would look good for prospect families, but now I’m going through it, I’m amazed at how practical the content is, how much the quizzes aid my learning, how fun it is to study and how user-friendly the site is. I’m a teacher and programmer myself, so it’s not often that I’m completely happy with how online courses are structured pedagogically and in terms of user experience. In this case, I can safely say that I am! So keep up with the good work and thank you for making this resource available! Larissa Martins Costa


I have personally met with the founder of this wonderful resource and can vouch for its credibility, a lot of work has gone into the site to ensure you’re receiving the absolute best advice and training. Michelle Fiddian

First Aid Trainer, Little Aid

Sitter Train addresses the essential knowledge every one should have to be safe in and around all aquatic environments. The format and content is easy to understand, concise, informative and entertaining” BJ Lamm

Swim School Director

“What a great course! The outdoor safety section of your course will certainly get people thinking about safety and avoiding hazards when outside the house and in unfamiliar rural environments. I would recommend any person considering looking after other people’s children complete your course” John Lindross

Outdoor Education Camp Director, Auscamp

“It takes a village to raise a child!” Teachers, parents and all caregivers play a vital role in bringing up children. It is just as important for babysitters/au pairs to be trained and prepared for looking after children” Talli Kimelman

Educator, Parent expert and mother of 11, Our Children Our Future