Your teen wants to start babysitting

But are they really ready for the important job of looking after someone else’s kids?

As the parent of a babysitter, give yourself and your teen peace of mind that they have you have given them the skills they need to take on the responsible job of babysitting

Watch this to see how to get on the smart track to babysitting


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Around 6 hours of interactive information, videos, case studies quizzes. Each lesson is endorsed by a topic industry professional.



Upon successfully completing the course, a certificate of completion will be issued to show potential employers.

Babysitting Essentials Course

Understanding Children

Learn all about: Developmental stages, Age appropriate activities, Behaviour management

Safety out and about

Going out with kids, Sun and heat exposure, Car safety, Water safety, Riding on wheels, Playgrounds and backyards, Farm safety

Basic Childcare

Holding a baby, Nappy changing, Bottle and formula preparation, Food preparation and healthy snacks, Getting dressed, Hygiene, Bath time, Bed time

First Aid and Medical

Serious injury serious illness, Cuts scrapes and bleeding, Head injuries, Fractures, Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse, Burns, Bites and stings, Allergies and asthma, Medication safety, Poisons, Choking

Indoor safety

Become an expert in Indoor safety: Fire safety at home, Pet safety, Natural disasters and emergency response

Just for you

Starting your own babysitting business, Being professional, expectations, what can go wrong and know how to deal with it

Quality engaging content

Practical skills – If you were giving a 2-year-old a bath and the 7-year-old brother calls from downstairs – “come help”, what would you do?  With years of experience as parents, we are not always sure what to do. How can a teen with no kids of their own manage the unexpected without a little guidance?

We not only give you the essential facts but teach you through real-life case scenarios featuring these guys, how to manage all types of situations.


Why do the Babysitting Essentials course?

There is no greater gift than education

You will rest easier knowing you have given the knowledge and skills to be responsible and work in another family’s home.

Life skills

Apart from the essential tools for employment as a babysitter, Sitter Train teaches invaluable life skills for babysitting, staying home alone or with siblings, becoming a mother’s helper, travel, and independence.

Peace of mind

As the parent of a babysitter, you will have peace of mind that your children have had the essential childcare training they need to look after someone else’s children. Give your child the tools and skills they need to become responsible young adults.

I would definitely recommend The Sitter Train course for those wishing to become babysitters/ au pairs. I found the content extremely thorough and comprehensive, yet presented in a format and language that was easy to understand and made sense. Each topic had a mini quiz, which given the amount of content felt was extremely beneficial (great way to recap each topic). The visuals and video clips helped to consolidate the text. Whilst covering safety is paramount, I felt that the segments on child developments and for the babysitter were just as important and appealing. This course covers content from around Australia, and I appreciated that the sources were easy to see and links were provided for states. As a long course, it remembered where you left off and used a colour code to show which lessons were complete/ not yet started. I highly recommend this course and would feel confident hiring someone who had completed the course

Sam Arnold


Sitter Train provides a comprehensive online course to ensure all the essentials are covered for a babysitter to confidently and competently look after children. The material is well referenced, with case studies and short quizzes to check and reinforce learned content. There is a lot of content covered. Fortunately, there is no time limit on access. Would recommend for all people who care for children including home carers and those looking to work as a babysitter.

Leanne Artis


I think Sitter train is a great way for kids to become confident and for parents to feel safe leaving their children with babysitters who have done this online course. I like that you are emailed your official badge and that you can share it on social networks. What a great feeling for the kids” 

Kelly Morris


Sittertrain courses teach you to be prepared for the unexpected of looking after children. Know what to do in an emergency, how to manage multiple children of different ages, and great activities to keep kids engaged and wanting their babysitter to come back again