Online Au Pair Training Course Australia


Online Au Pair training course for Australia

Headed to Australia? Get all of the essential information from our Au Pair Essentials course PLUS heaps of valuable information specific to Australia. This includes details on emergency contact information, visas for Australia, and social and cultural practices.




The online Au Pair training course for Australia


Do I need a qualification to become an Au Pair in Australia?

There are no legal requirements to become an Au Pair. But, by completing an Au Pair course you are showing host families that you are serious about taking care of their children.
All our topics are endorsed by industry professionals. When you have passed all the quizzes, you will receive a certificate to show families you understand the expectations of becoming an Au Pair.

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Why should I take an Au Pair training course?

This online Au Pair Course is for Au Pairs headed to Australia to give practical tips, expert advice and information every Au Pair needs have a great experience. It is the best way to show your Australian host family that you are prepared for the important job of looking after their children.

Get detailed information on how to
  • choose an Au Pair program
  • Select an Au Pair host family that suits you
  • Questions you should ask your host family in an interview
  • How to decide if you should find a host family through an Au Pair agency, Au Pair agency website, Au Pair Facebook Group or look for an Au Pair job through Gumtree.


The Au Pair Australia Essentials course covers the following topics


Understanding children

Learn all about developmental stages, age-appropriate activities and behaviour management strategies

Basic Childcare

Find out how to hold a baby, nappy changing, bottle and formula preparation. Learn all about food preparation and how to prepare healthy snacks. We will teach you how to manage hygiene, bath time and bedtime for kids of all ages.

Safety at home

Become an expert in indoor safety, fire safety, pets and natural disasters. We will also show you how to recognize a real emergency and what to do about it.

Safety out and about

We will show you how to go out with many kids of all ages. And show you how to manage sun and heat exposure and water safety. We will also give you tips on car and bike and scooter safety, playgrounds and backyards and farm safety

First Aid and Medical

Learn how to recognize and manage serious injuries and serious illnesses. Cuts, scrapes and bleeding, head injuries and fractures. Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse as well as burns, bites, and stings. We also cover allergies and asthma, medication safety, poisons and choking


Just for you

Learn how to handle cultural differences, connect with your host family and make new friends.
We will also help you decide what is ok to expect and what is not as well show you how to keep yourself safe when the unexpected occurs.


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