You have decided to bring an AuPair to join your family but you need someone who knows how to engage with and look after your kids safely

That’s why The Poppins Agency has partnered with Sittertrain to bring you a fun, interactive and informative online course that prepares AuPairs for the important job of looking after your children.

Watch this to see how to get on the smart track to having a great AuPair experience

Give the gift of knowledge to your AuPair

What better way to welcome your AuPair to your family than a gift certificate to complete the AuPair Essentials course before they arrive to join your family. By completing the course before they arrive, your AuPair should know what’s expected and be ready for the important job of helping your family.

Easy signup

Buy a gift card and a coupon will be sent straight away to the user to create their own account. Log on and off anytime.

Quality content

Around 6 hours of interactive information, videos, case studies quizzes. Each lesson is endorsed by a topic industry professional.


Upon successfully completing the course, a certificate of completion will be issued to show potential employers.

Practical Content featuring real-life scenarios

AuPairs are generally students who want some time out to travel and experience the world. However, they are not childcare professionals nor are they likely to have children of their own. Therefore, they are will need some guidance on what is expected and basic childcare, safety and medical training. We not only give the essential facts but teach AuPairs how to manage all types of situations through real-life case scenarios featuring these guys.

AuPair Essentials Course

Understanding Children

Learn all about: Developmental stages, Age appropriate activities, Behaviour management

Safety out and about

Going out with kids, Sun and heat exposure, Car safety, Water safety, Riding on wheels, Playgrounds and backyards, Farm safety

Basic Childcare

Holding a baby, Nappy changing, Bottle and formula preparation, Food preparation and healthy snacks, Getting dressed, Hygiene, Bath time, Bed time

First Aid and Medical

Serious injury serious illness, Cuts scrapes and bleeding, Head injuries, Fractures, Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse, Burns, Bites and stings, Allergies and asthma, Medication safety, Poisons, Choking

Indoor safety

Become an expert in Indoor safety: Fire safety at home, Pet safety, Natural disasters and emergency response

Just for you

Benefit from detailed information on how to become an au pair, how to handle cultural differences, connect with your host family and new friends, expectations and keeping yourself safe

Why do the AuPair Essentials course?

There is no greater gift than the gift of knowledge

You will rest easier knowing you have given the knowledge and skills to be responsible and look after your children safely and successfully


Your au pair will learn how to engage children in age-appropriate activities, behaviour management strategies and practical tips from the experts


Sitter Train teaches the basics of handling an emergency and preventing accidents.

Peace of mind

Au pairs will learn how to manage the demands, expectations, and benefits of being an au pair and what to do when things go wrong.

“As an early years teacher and a mother of 3, I think Sitter Train is just what young carers need.  Amazing idea and you covered everything so well” Belinda Pitt

Kinder teacher and mum

This was the perfect welcome gift for our AuPair. The course gave our AuPair the right knowledge about what is expected and how to handle most situations. He just had a list of specific questions about how our household was run but other than that he just hit the ground running and we have had a great AuPair experience. Evelyn Marks

Host mum

I was a bit hesitant at first as I didn’t know if it would be of good value but I was pleasantly surprised that for someone who had not lived with a family before it was very helpful. It was very easy to follow the plan of things to learn about and understand. It also talks quite a bit about safety which is VERY important when it comes to taking care of kids Katrina Amen-Aquino

I have personally met with the founder of this wonderful resource and can vouch for its credibility, a lot of work has gone into the site to ensure you’re receiving the absolute best advice and training.” Michelle Fiddian

First Aid Trainer